Covid- 19 safety precautions (10/06/20)

Clovid-19 safety measures for jewellery courses at Yardley Arts from July 2020 (Date edited 5th July 2020)

Please see below for the new precautions that have been put in place to ensure that courses run as smoothly and safely at s possible: (changes in bold)

– Please queue at the front of the building at least 1 meter apart.

– Please use hand sanitiser when you arrive and then each hour or more frequently as you feel, there after

– Please bring and wear a face mask to the session as there may be times when you might need to be closer than 1 meter to another learner.

– You will each have your own bench space. This will be 1-1.5 meters from the next bench with a screen erected on both sides

– You will each have your own equipment and materials ready for you on your table.

There will be some shared tools and equipment so please ensure you sanitise your hands before using and leave a 1 meter plus gap between each learner if waiting to use it.

– There will be paper towels and hand sanitiser and on every bench and soap provided in the toilets

– When the course has finished please keep 1 meter plus between you as you leave the building

How will demonstrations be organised?

I will do demonstrations at the teaching desk and have a camera pointing down at my hands with the image projected onto the wall behind me.

This is something that I wanted to set up before the pandemic to help learners be able to see demonstrations in greater detail.

Can I get individual help from the tutor on the course?

Yes you will be able to get assistance with your piece during the course.

– Please ensure you stand 1 meter apart if you are waiting to get individual support

– I will have my own set of tools and if I need to touch your piece or help you with your work I will sanitise it before I pass your piece back to you

Will drinks and snacks be available?

No but please do feel free to bring your own.

I am really excited to get back to teaching after these past few months of lock down and hope that you are too.

Many thanks for all your support of my little business during this time.