Introduction to engraving with Dario Batzella 20th & 21st April 2024


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The course will give the opportunity for you to familiarize with the basics of hand engraving. The course will include preparing the plate to be engraved, practicing the basic cuts that are the main core of the engraving process. You’ll also learn how to translate these into designs and finally develop a solid base knowledge to apply in future projects.

Day 1 tutorial and practice:

– Demonstration of how to prepare a graver and all the aspects of sharpening, with explanation of different types of gravers and their uses (Your gravers will be prepared before the session)

– Preparing the copper plate and practicing the first cuts.

– Designing for engraving.

Day 2 design and make :

– Design your own ideas based on the techniques discussed in day 1.

– Engrave your final design using the techniques practiced on day 1.

You will need your own eye glass and optivisors or very close work glasses.

Sheet copper and an engraving tool kit are included in the course fee.

Dario Batzella is a professional engraver based in Edinburgh. He has created award-winning pieces and won the Goldsmiths’ Silver Award in Senior Engraving in 2019 and 2 bronze awards in 2023.

Dario studied many techniques including engraving at the Italian mint in Rome and is currently an expert hand engraver in Scotland.

View some of Dario’s amazing work here:


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